Introducing OwlLook++ for Microsoft Outlook ®

OwlLook++ is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook making it easier for you to manage efficiently your time and information, and to protect your confidential information against eavesdropping and hacking. Teaming with (*) Microsoft Outlook, OwlLook++ is the most innovative Personal Information Management software in the history. Living in a digital era people need an intelligent software like OwlLook++, capable of helping them to plan and  schedule quickly and efficiently their activities.

For more information please read OwlLook++ product specifications

(*) As a Microsoft partner we would like to thank Microsoft Corporation, in particular Microsoft Outlook team, for providing us with precious technical and marketing support, otherwise we can never produce OwlLook++.

“The persistence of memory”

by Salvador Dali (1904-1989)


The Next Generation of Personal Information Management Software

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Latest version (released on July 8th 2016)