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Office 365 Add-ins

Note 365 provides you with one of the most asked features for Outlook: attaching notes to emails. In fact when you received an important email, usually you need to write and save your personal notes (comments, remarks, key points, actions required …) concerning that email. And you need also a way to identify and track quickly and easily those emails having your personal notes.

This add-in makes it easy for you to get that task done:

- It lets you write notes and attach them to each incoming or sent email, quickly and easily.

- It lets you view your notes on any devices and platforms that Office add-in supports.

- Using Outlook you can choose the color you want for the ’Note 365’ category pre-assigned to emails having your notes.

- With an undo feature you can recover a deleted note or an original note before you made changes.

- Searching your mailbox for all emails having your notes is easy; simply search it for emails having the ‘Note 365’ category.

- Arranging your mailbox by categories is another way to find and view all emails having your notes, which are grouped in the ‘Note 365’ category.

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