OwlLook++ is a time management add-on for Microsoft Outlook ® making it easier for you to manage efficiently your time and activities. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, it provides you with a better solution to schedule, plan and keep track of your appointments, meetings, tasks, contacts, emails, due dates It provides you with a consolidated view of your activities by grouping dispersed information into a single window. Unlike Microsoft Outlook, it enables you to manage, organize, search, and locate efficiently your information without switching between multiple windows. OwlLook++ makes use of graphics and visual effects to produce the most innovative software tool,  which helps you to be more productive and to get things done quickly.


Main features include:

- A consolidated view grouping dispersed information from multiple Microsoft Outlook accounts and folders to give you all the information you need to plan your schedules quickly.

- Integration of different Outlook types of items into a common calendar. Appointments, tasks, emails, due dates, notes and journals are displayed on a common calendar. This feature helps you keep track, locate and search your information more quickly.

- Scheduling an appointment or a task, creating a note or a journal of an event, all can be done by simply dragging and dropping them at the desired time on a common calendar.

- Icons representing Outlook items and its properties are displayed at their corresponding dates on a common calendar. By clicking an icon, you can see more details of the item it represents.

- OwlLook++ calendar includes a flexible multi-days view, an agenda view, a month and a quarter view. Unlike Microsoft Outlook, each view is consistent with others as it displays the same amount of information on each date of the calendar.

- OwlLook++ calendar supports simultaneously up to 12 time zones making it easy to schedule online meetings with people in different countries. (Microsoft Outlook 2016 only supports 2 time zones simultaneously)

- Built-in privacy and security features (for OwlLook++ 2 only) helping protect your confidential information against eavesdropping and hacking.

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