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1. Each subscription is associated with a number of email accounts (addresses) you specified in the subscription order. We call them “licensed email accounts”.


2. OwlLook++ works only with licensed email accounts. For example, in a Microsoft Outlook profile there are 3 email accounts: mary@hotmail.com, paul@gmail.com and hanako@jp.onmicrosoft.com. And only  mary@hotmail.com is a licensed email account. In this case you can manage only mary@hotmail.com’ s information (emails, meetings, appointments, tasks, contacts, notes, journals, …)  with OwlLook++,  although you can manage all three email accounts’ information with Microsoft Outlook.


3. Each subscription can be used only by one person who is the owner of the licensed email accounts. You cannot share your subscription with other persons.


4. A licensed email account cannot be changed or replaced during a subscription period.


5. You accept to send us your email addresses specified in the subscription order.


6. Each subscription can be activated on two desktop or laptop computers.


7. A subscription fee is non-refundable.

Subscription Terms (updated on August 15th 2016)

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